Travel to ancient Colchis-8 days

Travel to ancient Colchis

8 days - 7 nights

Route: Airport (Kutaisi) - Martvili - Tskhaltubo - Svaneti (Mestia) - Batumi - Gonio - Mountain Adzharia - Airport (Kutaisi)

Day 1 Meeting at the airport of Kutaisi. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in the hotel. Rest after the flight. Food depends on the arrival. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 Breakfast. Excursion to the Martvill Canyon - Mestia

Canyon of Martvili. It is simply amazing with its beauty and unusual place is located near the town of Martvili on the Abash river. For many millions of years, water has made a magnificent gorge in the rocks of limestone, with a depth reaching 40 meters, at the bottom of which the river itself actually flows. The total length of the foreseeable part of the canyon is about a kilometer. In the upper part of the canyon you can make a boat trip and reach the very beginning - a 7 meter high waterfall. The walls of the canyon, as if made of stones by skilled craftsmen, rise above the river and form a stone arch at a tremendous height. Due to the extremely humid microclimate, huge lianas hang from the rocks, and the walls are covered with centuries-old mosses. Here and there water flows from the walls, form small streams and quite powerful waterfalls. Exactly in the middle the canyon turns into a small creek. But then a miracle begins: the earth has opened, and from the height of the water the rivers fall into the abyss !!! It's a marvelous sight. At will for additional. Fee boating on the Canyon.

On the way: The city of Archeopolis (Nokalakevi) is an abandoned city in the northern part of the Senak district. He ceased to exist in 736, during the invasion of the Arab commander Mervan. Before that, it was the capital of the Egris kingdom and the administrative center of the Greeks, who called it the Archangel. The city existed even in the pagan era, and even earlier. The territory of the Bronze Age ceramics was found, so here one of the numerous cities of ancient Colchis was located.

Moving Svaneti - Mestia. Svaneti is a unique treasure preserved by the human and giving the sea of ​​emotions to everyone who sees it.

On the way - stop in Zugdidi. Night in a guest house in Mestia with dinner.

Day 3 Breakfast After breakfast, a tour of the city of Mestia. Visiting the historical museum of Svaneti. Visit the museum of the world champion in mountaineering Michael Hergiani. Ascent on the cable car to Mount Khatsvaldi with a view of the glaciers Ushba, Shkhara, Tetnuldi. Night in a guest house in Mestia with dinner.

Day 4 Breakfast. Transfer to Ushguli village by jeep.

Ushguli, which can be translated as a "brave heart" - is the highest mountain settlement in Georgia, and throughout Europe, its height is 2200 m. It is an architectural and historical monument. The streets here look the same as centuries ago. Local medieval towers are listed in UNESCO. These Svan towers were intended for defense from time immemorial. The oldest towers in Ushguli belong to the 9th century. Here are the ruins of the fortress of the time of Queen Tamar (XII century).

Medieval villages, the ancient church of Lamaria (the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin) and the tower of Queen Tamara. You will try water from mineral springs, which have healing power. You will see the majestic mountain Shkhara (5068 m) and visit the fascinating mountain pass. Return to Mestia. Night in a guest house in Mestia with dinner

Day 5 Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to Batumi. On the way - stop in Zugdidi, visit the palace of the princes Dadiani.

The palace of Dadiani consists of the palaces of the "Megrelian queen" Catherine A. Chavchavadze-Dadiani, the courtyard church and the Garden of Dadiani. The Palace of the Megrel princes was built in the middle of the XIX century. In the style of the so-called "Georgian eclecticism".

Overnight at hotel in Batumi. Dinner. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6 Breakfast. Excursion to Adjara

We will travel with you along the coast to the state border between Georgia and Turkey. We will stay at the waterfall and the monument to Andrew the First-Called, who came to Georgia in the first century of our era with the mission of enlightening the Georgian people to the true faith - Christianity. Free time. You can swim in the sea, which here, on the border with Turkey, is considered the cleanest in Georgia.

Gonio is a fortress located 12 km south of Batumi, near the border with Turkey. The fortress was first mentioned in the Greco-Roman annals, but it acquired its present form in the 16th century, with the Turks. The first mention of the fortress belongs to Pliny the Younger (1st century AD). In the II century AD it was a well-fortified Roman city in Colchis. Later fell under the influence of Byzantium. For some time there was a place of Genoese trade. In 1547 Gonio became part of the Ottoman Empire, it continued until 1878, when Adjaria became part of the Russian Empire. The city was also famous for its theater and hippodrome. In addition, the tomb of the Apostle Matthew, one of the twelve apostles, presumably is in the fortress of Gonio.

Mountain Adjara: Not far from the sea coast, 40 kilometers from Batumi, we will see mountain ranges, fast rivers and the most beautiful waterfall of Adjara Mahuntseti (30 meters high) and the famous Arched bridges of the time of Queen Tamara.

Picnic at the waterfall.

Here in Mountain Adjara, if you want, we'll drop in at the Ajaria Wine House. It is in it that we are invited to try the unique Chhaveri wine (for additional fee). "Chhaveri" (according to the sort of Gurian grapes) - semisweet, light-straw, with a pink tinge. Grape vines peasants plaited in branches of trees, like wild grapes. And they gathered fruit when the first frost hit. Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote: "... I yearn for ... my very own, truly Pushkin's lightness, the royal wine ... the golden-air Chhaveri, whose smack is the kiss of a beloved woman." Return to Batumi.

Batumi is located on the Black Sea coast and, like an expensive frame, is framed by an exotic flora of subtropics. Palms, cypresses, magnolias, bamboo, lemon and orange trees smell sweet here at every step. The boulevard, which stretches along the entire coastline, and captures the views of tourists - is the longest and most beautiful boulevard in Europe. Here we will see the center of the city, and the square of Argonauts with a statue of Medea and a theater square with a statue of Neptune and the Marine Station. And a corner of Italy - Piazza Square, the tower of the Georgian alphabet. Free time in Batumi.

Take an aerial journey over the city on a cable car (cable car length is 2600 m, incoming round-trip ticket is $ 5). In the evening, when it gets dark, we recommend that you watch a laser show of "dancing fountains" with a 3D image that you can not just take your eyes off. Do not leave you indifferent and "Batumi giant metal love" - ​​moving in the backlight sculpture of Ali and Nino, such a spectacle you will not see anywhere else !!! Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7 Breakfast. Free day. Rest on the sea. Dinner. Night at the Hotel.

Day 8 Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.


Transfers to Kutaisi or Batumi airports by the time of check-in.