Racha - Georgian Switzerland-5days

Racha - Georgian Switzerland

Route: Airport (Kutaisi) - Kutaisi - Racha-Okacae Canyons and Kinchha Waterfall -Airport (Kutaisi)

5 days / 4 nights

Day 1 of Kutaisi

Arrival in Kutaisi. Meeting with a representative of the company. Tour of the ancient city of Kutaisi, which is more than 3 thousand years old. Visit to the monastery and academy of Gelati (12th century), founded by the great Georgian king David IV the Builder. The Gelati Monastery preserved a great number of wall paintings that date back to the 12th-18th centuries. And therefore the most wonderful in the architecture of the Gelati complex is its frescoes and mosaics, which return the past days and remind of its creators. Further, an excursion to the Bagrati Cathedral, which was erected in Kutaisi in the reign of Bagrat III, bears the name of the first king of united Georgia as the main cathedral of his kingdom, consecrated in 1003. Like the monastery and the academy of Gelati and Bagrati Cathedral are included in the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Next, a survey of the "monastery of fulfillment of desires" by Motsamet. The monastery rises above the river Rioni, surrounded by rugged coastal vegetation. The legend says that this small monastery stands on the spot of execution of Georgian kings David and Konstantin Mkheidze by Muslims because they proved to be faithful to Christianity. Princes David and Constantine are listed as saints, their relics are stored in a large rectangular ark on a raised platform in a small monastery hall. Among the tourists there is a legend that it is worth asking about something of the holy princes, creep under the ark three times and attach to their relics, then the desire to be fulfilled. Excursion to the cave of Prometheus, where we remember the legend of Prometheus. According to legend, he gave fire to people and was chained for it to the rock. The cave is located 5 km northwest of the city of Tskhaltubo. It was opened in the early 80-ies of the twentieth century. It is one of the most attractive caves, thanks to the variety of underwater rivers and landscapes. Almost all underwater karst forms are represented here: stalactites, stalagmites, heliktits, etc. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight at hotel Kutaisi.

Day 2

Breakfast. Moving to Oni. Racha-Lechkhumi is Georgian Switzerland. Racha-Lechkhumi is a land of picturesque mountains and green gorges. This region is surrounded by the Caucasus ridges and glaciers. Legend has it that one day a Georgian hunter climbed the Nakarl ridge and looking down saw the narrow and deep Rioni gorge. The view was so striking that he compared it to the well (Cha in Georgian) and in astonishment cried out: what kind of well (Ra Cha), and so this place was called Racha. They are a mountainous region of the Racha region, famous for its health resorts. The district center They are at an altitude of 800 meters from the sea level, but some villages have crept an 1500-1800 meters. On the way you can see Lake Shauri - a place of unusual beauty, after visiting Nikorsminda - the Dome Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1010-1014, We are passing Ambrolauri, then Barakoni. Church of the 18th century. Then drive to Chrebalo. Excursion to the plant: The plant annually processes 300-500 tons. Grapes, which are collected in their own vineyards, and are bought from local peasants. Its processing, production, as well as spillage occur on the territory of the plant itself. To date, the company "Rachinskie Vina" produces 10 varieties of wine: Khvanchkara, Barakoni, Alexandrouli, Odzaleshi, Tetra, Twishi, Chrebalo (white), Chrebalo (red) , "Lomoido", "Zitska", which are made from unique varieties of grapes: "Alexandrouli", "Mujuretuli", "Rachuli (Rachinsky) Tetra", "Ojaleshi", "Tsitska", "Tsolikauri". The vine plantations of these varieties are located on the right bank of the Rioni River, in the Racha region. It should be noted that these varieties are not grown in any other regions of Georgia. During the Second World War, at the conference of the "Big Three" (Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill), taking place in Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam, the wine "Khvanchkara" was the decoration of the table. In the late 90's, the wine "Khvanchkara" and "Alexandrouli" with the mediation of the Embassy of Georgia, for non-commercial purposes, was supplied to the British royal court. Wine tasting with dinner. Check in at the hotel in They. Overnight at the hotel

Day 3   Breakfast. Transfer to Kutaisi. Free time. Farewell dinner with dances and songs. Overnight at hotel Kutaisi.

Day 4  Okate Canyon and Kinche Waterfall

Breakfast.Okate Canyons and Kinczha Falls - on the Okace River (north-west of Imereti, Honsk Municipality) there are two interesting canyons that can be safely attributed to the number of natural attractions in Western Georgia. The upper canyon (1020 m above sea level) is located near the village of Kinche. There is a powerful waterfall "Kinche" (the height of the fall is about 100 meters), forming a small lake, from which the stream of water leaves even lower and the second cascade (altitude about 20 meters) overthrown in the vicinity of the village of Kved Kinche. In the old days, local princes used the natural reservoirs that appeared here in several places as bathhouses. These places are still untouched by civilization. The lower canyon Okatse (district of the village of Zeda Gordii) since September 2014 has been landscaped and open to tourists. A hiking trail with a length of 2.2 km passes through a picturesque forest. On the way you can see the ruins of the palace of the princes Dadiani. The trail, in the end, will lead to the suspension bridges located along the canyon rocks (in places their height reaches 100 meters). Returning to Kutaisi. Overnight at hotel Kutaisi.

Day 5 Breakfast. Depending on the time of departure, transfer to the airport. Homecoming.