Pilgrimage to the ancient shrines of Georgia

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(7 days-6 nights).

Season: All year round

Tour program:


Arrival in Tbilisi, meeting at the airport with a representative of the company LEMATRAVEL.

Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation, rest.

City tour of Tbilisi includes:

* Sameba Cathedral (Holy Trinity Cathedral, which is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church);

* Metekhi Church (13th century, according to legend, this was the place where the Holy Martyr Shushanik was buried in the 5th century and was betrayed by martyrdom)

* Cathedral of Sioni (VI-VII cc.)

* Anchiskhati Church (VI cent.) (Where for many years the "Anchu Icon" was preserved.) The icon of the Savior is not made by hands, that is, the image on it is NOT drawn, but appeared on the canvas after Jesus Christ applied it to his face)

* Statue of the Mother of Georgia, the Church of Narikala (IV c), sulfur baths, views of the Old Town. Night in Tbilisi

Free time (Optional - Visit the restaurant where the guests of the capital can taste fine Georgian dishes, as well as see national dances performed by professionals.)

Night in the Hotel in Tbilisi.

DAY 2  Mtskheta

Breakfast.Direction to the north-west from Tbilisi.

* On the way to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, the cradle of Christianity in Georgia, the historical site of the enlightenment activity of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina is the Monastery of Jvari, which is, as it were, a continuation of the form of a steep rock. In the main cross of the temple there is a particle of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord.

* Samtavro Monastery is run by the Catholicos and Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi Ilia II. The monastery of St. Nina was built in the IV century by King Mirian in the place of the "bramble-tree", the holy place of habitation and enlightenment activity of St. Nina "Ezhevichnik", repeatedly cut down by barbarians, arising again and again, is miraculous. In the temple there are many sacred things: part of the life-giving pillar, the miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God, the miraculous icon of St. Nina, the graves of the holy kings Mirian and Nana, the relics of Saint Shio of Mgvim, the grave of Gabriel's father.

* The central position in Mtskheta is occupied by the Svetitskhoveli temple / life-giving pillar / cathedral patriarchal temple of the Georgian Orthodox Church, the former residence of the Catholicos, a part-owner of all Georgia. On the site of the church was built the first church in Georgia, Tsar Mirian on the advice of St.. Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina. The church was a wooden structure supported by a "life-giving pillar." The present building of the 11th century church, in the name of the Twelve Apostles, is the site of the great shrine of the Christianity of the God of God. Due to this, Mtskheta is called the Second Jerusalem.

Vespers of the Divine Services in the Temple of Svetitskhoveli

Night in the Hotel in Tbilisi.

DAY 3  Mtskheta

Dating with the priest David Jishkariani And the joint Liturgy in the temple of Svetiskhoveli -Participation of the faithful.

* The monastery of Shio-Mgvime, the first monastic community in this place was founded in the VI. Monk Shio, one of thirteen Assyrian fathers who arrived in Georgia as Christian missionaries.

Return to Tbilisi. Night in Tbilisi.Night in Tbilisi

 Day 4  Kakheti

 Breakfast. Departure for an excursion in Eastern Georgia

* David-Gareja Monastery. David-Gareji monastery complex - a complex of Georgian cave monasteries of the VI century, today has the status of laurels and is carved in the rocks of about 20 monasteries and covers the territories of three regions of Georgia - Gardabani, Sagareggis and Sighnakhsa refectory monasteries, there are frescoes of the 8th-14th centuries. With portraits of historical figures, including a portrait of Queen Tamara

 * Monastery Bodbe. The nunnery in which the relics of St. Nino are located.

The source of Saint Nina is the most important sight of the monastery, and often come here to collect water or dive into this water. Descent to the source begins from the observation deck, which immediately to the east of the church of St. George. Immediately warn you - go down far, and climb back will not be easy either. There is a road to the spring, but its condition is not good, so some cars will not pass there, and some will only go down. As for the spring, it is a brick structure: on top there is the Temple of Zabulon and Sosana (the Ninus parent), and under it there is a swimming pool. There is an arch, covered with a curtain. They let men and women take turns.

* Sightseeing tour of the city of Signani. Return to Tbilisi. Night in Tbilisi

 Day 5   Borzhomi


* Go to the side of the famous resort of Borjomi. We will visit the monastery of Urbnisi-the basilica of the 6th-7th century.

 Dating with the priest Levan, Liturgy in the temple of Urbnisi -The participation of believers.

* Transfer to Borjomi. Visits to one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia.

The Temple of Timotesubani (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin) and the Monastery of St. George in Chita, the "Green Monastery"

Borjomi: a walk. Tasting of mineral water from the spring.

Return to Tbilisi. Night in Tbilisi

Day 6  Tbilisi.


* Holy mountain Mtatsminda. The Church of Mama-Daviti (on the site where the cell and the chapel of St. David Garedjiisky, one of the thirteen Syrian fathers who came to Georgia for the spread of Christianity, was a holy spring).

* Church of St. George "Kashveti" on Rustaveli Avenue at the foot of Mtatsmindy. The name of the church comes from the Georgian words kva ("stone") and seam ("give birth"). According to legend, in the VI century, a woman in Tbilisi accused David Garedjiisky of being pregnant with him. David predicted that her wrong will become evident when she gives birth to a stone. After this happened, the place was called "to (in) ashveti".

* Church of Alexander Nevsky, where the elders of the Fr. Vitaly (Sidorenko) and Fr. Zinoviy (Mazhuga).

Free time in Tbilisi (for a walk around the city and buying souvenirs).

(* If you wish, you can visit the famous sulfur baths of Tbilisi in the evening or organize a Georgian dance class, or a master class of Georgian cuisine) Night in Tbilisi

Day 7 Breakfast. Airport transfer.




*Transfer: Airport - Hotel - Airport

* Transport service throughout the tour according to the program

* Accommodation in a hotel based on breakfast

* All tours of the tour program

* Escort of the Russian-speaking guide during the excursions

* Flights

*Personal expenses

* Dinners and dinners outside the program

*Medical insurance

* Tickets for cable cars











* The above prices may vary according to the dollar exchange rate at the time of booking.

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* The company reserves the right to change the excursion days and the sequence of tourist sites, according to weather and other force majeure circumstances.