Wine and winemaking

Viniculture and winemaking in Georgia - one of the oldest types of agriculture. The history of winemaking in Georgia counts several millennia. The Georgian grape varieties, as well as the wines that are made of them, have been considered one of the best for many centuries. To date, more than 500 grape varieties have been harvested by Georgian winemakers. Georgian wines are one of the most popular in the world, as they are made from first-class grapes, and the secrets of production that are passed down from generation to generation are kept secret.

In Georgia, a large number of varieties of wine is produced: it is red and white wine of various Georgian brands, as well as some varieties of champagne. Georgian wines are distinguished by the refined aroma and unique taste of freshly picked grapes. For example, from the first-grape grapes make a young wine "Madjari". This wine is traditionally drunk immediately, as soon as it is cooked, without waiting for years of maturation.

The uniqueness of many Georgian wines depends on the place of their production. Each region of Georgia grows its own grape varieties, so the wines have their own unique taste. If to speak about the oldest wine traditions of Georgia, then here it is necessary to note Kakheti. The production of wines in Kakheti has a long history. Among the red Kakhetian wines, the most famous are those made from varieties of Saperavi and Cabernet grapes, and among the white - rkatsiteli and hihvi.

Among the sparkling Georgian wines, Atenuri is produced, which is made from the Chinuri grape variety and Gorowli Miwan, from ancient times collected in the Athen gorge in Kartli. In the West of Georgia, particularly valuable vintage wines from grapes are produced in such areas as Imeretia, Megrelia, Guria, Adjara and Racha-Lechkhumi: Alexandrouli, Tsolikouri, Tsulukidzis tetra, Usalyoluri, Ojaleshi, Mujuretuli, Orbeluri.

Racha-Lechkhumi produces high-quality Semisweet Sauternes wines, as well as table and sparkling wines. Here in the small village of Khvanchkara one of the most famous wines of Georgia with the same name is made. Also one more world-known grade of Georgian wine is Ojaleshi, whose birthplace is Megrelia. This wine rightfully rivals the best French wines.


Winemaking in Georgia is a whole culture. Wine is produced not only for sale. In many Georgian houses, home-made wines are made, which taste does not differ from the best brands. Usually, homemade wine is stored in a quiver, a huge pottery in the form of a jar, which buries into the ground. Uncorking wine and tasting is an important event in the family, which is accompanied by a holiday.