Our company

Our company is a team of creative personalities, with an incredible amount of standard and non-standard ideas ... Even to ordinary and familiar things, we tend to approach informally, in a special way, in something even exclusive ...

    Rest is needed from time to time for any person. In our business, active, working life, we sometimes forget to give ourselves a break, but they are vitally important, in fact. Rest relaxes, distracts and unceremoniously removes from the body toxins of cares, experiences, anxieties ...

      So, let's have a rest! Our job is to skillfully create your unforgettable vacation! That's why we love our work so much ...

Why choose “Lematravel”?

Quality is our rule!

We are recommended to friends!

 They come back to us!

With us it is convenient! For you, we are always online 7 days a week!

With us reliably! "Lematravel" takes care of its tourists and its name. Most of those who turned to us, become our regular customers. Before accepting you, we ourselves check the quality of the resorts and the reliability of the partners.

             Personal management, quick response and shortest lead times. Experienced managers are always ready to advise you the best resorts, to organize your vacation in a high-quality and efficient manner and to be in touch with you during the trip.

     Each visitor, after visiting the site, can find for himself a suitable for the soul, preferences and time of the year tour:

    Individual tours - if you have not found a suitable offer, we will develop a program for you;


   Special programs on optimization of expenses for business trips and rest for corporate clients.